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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flowers from the Looney's Garden, (6"square)

I found this 3 inch tall glass in a thrift shop and couldn't buy it then so had to return 4 days later and search among endless piles of stuff for it. But while I waited to go back, I dreamed of how the glass belled out in two rows at the base and the odd pink color of it and how I would paint it. I also have cutting privileges in my neighbors' garden, which is full of the last tiny fall flowers. In my thinking, the painting was loose and the forms soft! That double fold of glass at the bottom was a bear though. I need to paint be more at home with this glass so I can relax about it, and will try again tomorrow.


  1. Wow, Jean, that is absolutely beautiful. You may have had to work harder at the base of the glass, but the effort doesn't show. We love the softness and the colors of this piece, and we want it. Let the bidding war begin.

  2. I love the wee vase and what you did with it !

  3. Lovely painting! Love the contrasting softness and the crisp sparkle. It shimmers. It's funny how a little object can exert so much power it inserts itself in your dreams! You must have been relieved it was still there when you went back.

  4. Hi Lorraine -- yes, I was on a scary tear to hunt it down, the thrift shop women thought I was deranged. Sometimes objects seem powerful in themselves - I guess I really mean ARE powerful, is this animism?There is some word for an object having a spirit. Wouldn't it be fun to make a small totem and paint it? And the objects would be your own collection (stacked) of meaningful bits with big mojo. They could be totem paintings. Want to do some?

  5. Lovely!! Glad you went back to find this little glass. :)