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Friday, October 1, 2010

Purple Aster, Redbud Leaf (6"square)

Maybe you could make an entire career of getting glass right, the edges of it as it meets the air.
I mostly don't feel defeated when I don't get it right as I do with other things, like portrait elements. It is just purely fun to see how little you can have and still have it be glass. And almost always, you could have had even less.


  1. Wonderful job with the glass and the shape of the vase is good, too. The colors of the flowers and the greens in the leaf are beautiful. Well done!

  2. I love this! Your grays are subtle and beautiful.

  3. Very nice job on the glass, Jean! I also love the lavender flower. Both are such subtle supporting cast members for the aster.

  4. love that comment you had about the glass... so true.. I always do TOO MUCH, and never quite realized my problem until you said that... thank you !!!