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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sylvester's Oleander Again (9x4 inches)

Another one with the big brush. Of course when you think about it, it is amusing to think a tool is going to change the way you see things. It might gum you up a bit at first, but then your habitual way of doing things, which is fiercely entrenched, overcomes all. So as usual, the battle is within. I remember seeing Velasquez at the Prado, all those huge paintings of the Spanish royalty. If you stood within a foot of the canvases, you could not see one line or edge, not one. If you stood back further, it made itself into the forms. Oy vey!
I am off for a few days to attend my father's birthday party -- Happy Birthday, Daddy!


  1. Très frais, et surtout pas facile à travailler les blancs ! Bravo... Bisous

  2. I like these with your new big brush.