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Monday, November 29, 2010

Bowl of Grapes and Persimmon

This is a painting I did last week and didn't like so much because of its stiffness and the slight wonk of the bowl, but am now posting because everything I did today was worse. I decided the best way to loosen up is not to be afraid of not making a "good" painting, and so just do several no pressure exercises taking chances and seeing where things go. And so I did not get a good painting! Back at it again tomorrow.


  1. Quand c'est comme ça il vaut mieux voir le lendemain. Les yeux sont reposés et vous verrez immédiatement ce qui vous dérange, si seulement quelque chose vous dérange.
    Les couleurs me vont bien...

  2. Jean, you're right to post, even if you're not satisfied,your work, and this encourages others (including me). I did the same thing yesterday, but I only noticed the error after, so I will correct later. I did not find the translation of "wonk," but if its shape is not perfect, the color of the bowl is very good, with its values.
    In fact, if you watch the left side, there is the right curve, but another piece was added later, under the grape. Isn't it the culprit?
    And now you're the master of khakis!