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Friday, November 26, 2010

Two Persimmons

Glad to be finished with that bowl, thanks everybody for all your support. It takes a village. My next task is to looooooosen up. And also, to be economical in paint strokes. To loosen up economically. I have to think about what conditions could lead to that goal...


  1. Really nice Jean!!! Your persimmons are so translucent and the leaves sit so delicately upon them. Love the colors and the hint of blue in the shadows. A stunning painting!

  2. This is sooo nice, Jean! I have to agree with what Lorraine said. It really is a wonderful painting.

  3. On peut percevoir la peau épaisse et à la fois luisante qu'ont les kakis... Très beau contraste entre le fond et le premier plan de votre sujet. Bisous

  4. Great color in this little can really see your abstract expressionist background coming through. Very nicely done.