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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Green Tomatoes and Eggs

Well, I didn't see this one coming, I set out to do really loose and then here I was. It is sorta loose. I have been looking at loose work and absorbing. It looks to me like the key to it is genetics. Can I re-wire my nervous system is the question. But I have gathered some good advice from someone's site --so sorry! can't remember now where I got this -- for simpler and more spontaneous painting there are three requirements: a big brush, harsh light and thick paint. That I can do.


  1. I've decided it's genetic, also! I just think that's the way I'm gonna paint! Actually, this is much looser than I'm able to achieve. I think your stripes are loose and well done. You did a good job on the shadows on the cloth, too. Very nice.

  2. Great job on the reflected light in the vegetables and egg. And, I really like the striped cloth. Well done!

  3. Your stripes are a must!I admire you, I never tried that.They are striking, I love your eggs, too.

  4. The stripes are a bold idea! The reflections of stripes up onto the objects adds lots of interest. I like the way you spaced out your objects...forces the viewer to look at each one. Very inventive! Bravo!