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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Apple Study

Again, this is the warm up study before the real work, and then the second painting didn't work so I am going to wipe it. But it was a curiously good painting day. Using the round brush lets me get a lot of paint on the canvas and I love this luxurious feeling. The flat brush deposits it thinly. In the second painting I used both brushes, very exciting....and one part of that second canvas was really good while the rest was not, so I gave it up. But if I can do it on one part, eventually I can do it on the whole thing, so I'll try it again. Also, it was very nice to have apple commiseration from out there, thank you.


  1. You have made me want to try a round brush. These apples are really nice ..... good value changes. I've been painting clementines and those subtle changes - ugh!! Still working on it. You seem to have conquered it. :)

  2. J'aime les pommes "jonagold"... Elles sont délicieuses à croquer sous toutes les formes du terme...
    Les vôtres me tentent aussi... Bisous

  3. There is something about that middle apple! It looks all shiny and yummy! Almost as though it's coated with a candy glaze. Really beautiful.

    And we all know about liking one part of our paintings but not the rest. It is frustrating but it keeps us going.