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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Plastic Bowl Number 4

This bowl is difficult because of drawing issues, not painting ones. The sides are squared and curved. Whatever, it is good practice. This painting was also good practice for values and I did better than I thought I would on that little ceramic whistle in the bottom corner. It is so mysterious and packed with mojo, very compelling to paint. This is on black gesso and I used a round brush for most of it and then went to a small flat brush for the whistle, but I should have done the whole thing with the one brush. It was just getting so crowded down there I couldn't maneuver with ease.


  1. Really like this one. My very favorite part is the grapes. Love the colors .

  2. Nicely done, Jean. I love the whistle it made me smile. I also have my roots in abstract expressionism...isn't it a fun journey to explore representational painting? I like the warm glow of light that emerges from the base of the bowl and the shadow. Your grapes are luminous!