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Friday, November 5, 2010


This is the warm up, apples on black. They are getting easier. However, I am using a value finder, a red plastic thing you look through, which shows me the lighter value of the shadow side. Without it, I couldn't get it! I think I can train myself to expect that light, but on a mid value form I have trouble even seeing it. I am liking doing a warm up for 30-40 minutes each day, something about that term makes it seem like it doesn't really count, so there is no strain.

This is Pofac, Queen of Cats. This painting is in trade for the self portrait of my student which is now hanging on my portrait wall.


  1. Wonderful painting! Such soft subtle strokes capture kitty nature perfectly . And I love the bright blue touches under her chin. What kind of a name is Pofac?

  2. Hi Jean,

    Got a look at your cat and he looks like he's up to something. Sort of like that movie with George Burns. Now Burns would be a coold name for a boy cat.


  3. This is the most imperious cat ever born --- an Iranian princess.