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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Belligerent Eclaire

This was the strangest eclair I have ever seen (grocery store). It had a slab of extruded chocolate icing about 1/2 inch thick at the center of it, laid on top of the lid and weird yellow custard inside it. It was so horribly compelling, I have written a Haiku of sorts to honor it:

Belligerent Eclaire

Belligerent Eclaire
No longer shouting my name -
Fated: Painted. Eaten.

If anyone should comment on this, doesn't it seem right it should be in Haiku?


  1. Eclair in stomach
    Loudly shouting your name still
    Tasted good. Now on hips.

    Painted store eclair
    Looking good enough to eat
    Amazing art work!

    Whew!! :-)

  2. Linda is a funny girl! I can't remember the number of syllables in a haiku but here goes:

    Rebellious eclaire
    the thief he left it behind
    smeared on the floorboard

    and you are a funny girl, Jean! Nice painting--ominous like a stealth submarine or a killer fish.

  3. Torture on canvas,
    Chocolate haunting my dreams.
    I shall not resist.

  4. chocolate atop
    oily fake cream innards do
    make me want to gag.

    K. Peterson

    (this came to me through regular email)

  5. I love Linda's comment. Reminds me of a saying: A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Alas, so true.

  6. eclaire not fair
    eclaire I dare
    say you must go now
    chocolate freak

    Now everybody, get back to your painting!