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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Smelt on a Striped Cloth

Big bristle brush for some of it, little bristle filbert (1/4 inch) for some of it, I 'm gradually learning when to use which brush. Also, I got some grey gesso and will paint my glass palette on the underside so I have a neutral mixing ground rather than white. I see several folks around who have that grey palette, maybe it is a good thing or even a great thing for judging color. I did paint a piece of paper grey and slipped it under the glass to see what it felt like to work on grey and it was surprisingly helpful.


  1. You really know your smelts. These are just terrific. I think you're on to something. How many days before they lose their sheen? Or are you cheating with those little rubber fishies? Still very good...

  2. Another gorgeous painting, love the golds repeated in the fish. I'm a huge fan of the grey disposable palettes!

  3. thanks you guys. No cheating with the rubber ones, these are the quickly decomposing ones, oh the smell of them now, today is the last day for sure. Looking forward to that grey palette, Angela.