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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Sardines

Again, big brush, lots of paint. I am a little alarmed at how fast the paint goes, but what to do...
These fish come to me here not so fresh and quickly decline further. Fortunately it is FREEZING in my studio now with this arctic front on us, which is good for fish longevity I guess. I have no water out there today, the pipes are frozen. I'm hoping for a gentle, merciful thaw to avoid bursting....aaaugh!


  1. Even your sardines look cold! They really are beautifully painted! Stay warm!!

  2. They are beautiful, Jean. I love the orange and gold touches in their scales. It's a nice repetition of the color of the plate. Great fabric, too!

  3. Gorgeous!! I love the repetition of colors, too and I agree with Linda, you're fish do look cold! Love that you broke up the flat background with the cloth napkin; very well done.

  4. Arctic, very arctic...and lovely. Almost your one-year anniversary, right?