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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Pink Knife

A good painting day today....much to think about from Lorraine Shirkus, who commented on the Sunday, Feb 13th post, 4 posts back from this one. I tried to push this every way I could, more confident handling of paint, quicker painting, bigger brush, broader areas of color, less obsessing if something didn't go down right. And more paint! It was really exciting.


  1. Wow. Beautiful and powerful! It LOOKS like it was exciting to paint. Lorraine's comments were excellent; very thought-provoking.

  2. It is exciting!!! I'm so excited FOR you!!! Those baby eggplants don't just look unfriendly. Really dynamic composition, lush paint and it feels like you're capturing something inside of you. Stellar! Glad to see the baby eggplants haven't yet found their way into ratatoullie (sp?). . .

  3. Humm!... cela sent la ratatouille à quelque part!
    Il manque les tomates...
    Belle et généreuse composition.

  4. Everything you tried to do worked 100%.
    I love the understated color, the fabulous composition and the brushwork.
    Slam Dunk!