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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cyclamen on White

I have been looking at whites and searching for the best background for these cyclamen. Bright color, soft, no color, dark, what will make them float off....
Thanks everybody for the hilarious eclair Haiku, I had SUCH a good laugh!


  1. Another lovely painting. I think I like the darker background better, although not necessarily red. I just think the white flowers show up better against the dark. What I like best about this version is the touches of red in the stems and leaves. Isn't it funny how we can focus on one little thing about a painting?

  2. This is a great painting. Since you asked about color I will put in my 2 cents and that is all it is worth. You have white, red and green, the opposite of red is green, the triangle of red is yellow or blue. So to make it pop maybe use yellow ochre with white or a light blue but make sure the color is darker value than white. Of course the painting is wonderful how it is, this other is just for experimentation.

  3. Il n'est pas simple de travailler ton sur ton, mais tu as bien réussi. Très joli travail...