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Friday, January 21, 2011

Cabbage and Striped Cloth

For this one I used a big fat old bristle brush, misshapen so it looked like a shoe with the bristles curving. I can't believe you can get so much detail - or really any at all - with such a brush. I like this cabbage the best so far. It is no Miss America, plain except for this cloth I have to drag out every time, but I like the clarity of the entire painting, and the proportions of the elements. Maybe it could be an Amish cabbage, no offense to any of you who might be Amish. And also, the greatest thing about that brush -- you have to load up the paint on it to do anything on the canvas, so you end up with this beautiful fat paint surface. Worth the bungling.
And now, for your entertainment take this link to my video:


  1. I can see why you like this cabbage, it is superb!

    Just watched your video, you had me smiling the whole time, but when you introduced Suzy, I had to laugh out loud. They are wonderful and so animated. I'll be sure to forward your video to my daughter, the avid knitter and education major. Sadly, she has attempted to teach me to knit, but I can't seem to grasp the technique...yet!

  2. Love the video, Jean! You made me smile.

  3. I've been loving your cabbages. Such a variety of greens and so subtly different. Very cool! About to check out your video...

  4. The contrast between the cabbage and the red stripes is striking!

  5. I din't see the video, before!
    it's terrific, it gave me the wish to make my own puppet, and more, we now really know you, that's fine, because you are very pleasant, and we won't forget you!

  6. Stellar cabbage!!! Your video was so much fun . . . wonderful little characters! And wonderful to see you!