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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pansies in Small Vase

Another. I'm trying to work out some color stuff here. Such as, what is too much, and how can it be used most effectively. The end of the spectrum I'm not so familiar with is the quiet end. I know very well the over the top part. Currently I am in love with grays and want to learn how to use them to my own ends.


  1. I just LOVE all these pansy paintings!!

  2. Somehow, just today, the thought came to my mind how in Carol M's class, everyone did a little sample of gray. Do you remember how very different each was? Your grays look lively.

  3. Love the brushwork and shapes you created. the deep purple color is so appealing. Love these!

  4. Suzanne, I remember that exercise. I didn't do all that well--couldn't get a true gray.

    Jean, this is lovely. Several different shades of gray. A great backdrop for the purples.