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Monday, January 10, 2011

Two Black Pansies

The last two days have been such great painting days, always so grateful for those. I have approached everything more experimentally and it is liberating! The flops don't count for anything, no attachment. I bought a pack of 8x6 canvas sheets and there are two examples of four sorts of canvas in the pack. There is big difference in how the paint goes down on them. I had never painted on linen before and it is quite amazing. The texture of the linen does not encourage an edge - it is really easy for the edge to get lost. Just. Like. Velasquez! It is freezing here now, but when it warms up I will shoot the try out and post it.


  1. Nice brushstrokes to render those pansies.

  2. Your pansies are looking good, Jean! Like you're working towards finding the heart of them. What is the brand of the canvas sheets and where did you get them?

  3. Love your pansies against the linen, beautiful!