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Sunday, January 2, 2011

California Lemons on Aluminum Foil

This was an interesting one to do -- sort of like riding a runaway horse. At the set up stage,I thought the strange pinky greys would be a good balance for the strong yellows and greens, warm and cool together and it would be subtle... well, I was really panic stricken for much of the painting of it, the forms and reflections were so similar and it didn't fall into place until the very end, and that was a surprise. I so much like that aluminum foil -- it is reflective but not shiny -- so ethereal.


  1. Wow, Jean. This is fabulous! Love the refections and forms that mirror each other. Just beautiful!

  2. Jean, this is really awesome!! I love your colors and composition! You just get better and better! I would like to see this in person. I'm sure it is even more fantastic in person.

  3. Just beautiful Jean!!! Love the composition. Ethereal is the perfect description.

  4. Ok, now I know you're crazy...CRAZY GOOD that is, no one paints aluminum foil willingly! What's next, cellophane? :-)