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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cyclamen 2

I bought some grey gesso and have been experimenting with it. It is a premixed grey so it is very neutral, neither to the blue or red side or any other. Maybe I like different from working on black. With the black you must incorporate those black bits into the overall -- I mean it has to be ok to show. With the grey, I think maybe a range of whites is easier to achieve. I don't know really yet, experience will tell. I am also trying out different brushes as I go, this one was a large flat, so it gives me some chop to the image. Not sure that cyclamen are good with chop though, they are so smooth and undulating. Also, I read on Catherine Kehoe's website, Powers of, that color usually improves when it is mixed in large batches with a 4 inch pallet knife, so I am doing that instead of mixing with the brush. I think maybe this is right, because the mixed color batch has a greater chance of not being absorbed into the rest of the paint, it holds it own better. That is the most fabulous website. Fabulous!

1 comment:

  1. These little devils are tricky to paint. You did a fabulous job.