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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pansies and Napkin

The top painting is oil on board and the lower painting is just a quick one on a canvas sheet.
I ordered the Ultimate Canvas Sampler Pad from Dick Blick I think, but they are put out by Creative Mark, so they must be carried everywhere. This one is the linen sample, and it is very different from any other surface. You have to really be determined to get a sharp edge, the weave of the material takes the paint differently. There is glare on this, but you can see the texture. I have seen people use this stuff (on Utube videos) by masking taping it to a board. My friend who showed me this had used double sided carpet tape on a panel and just stuck the sheet to it. There are four sorts of canvas in the pack, very good for experimenting. I am amazed every time how much difference materials can make. And of course, you want everything going for you that you can get.


  1. I really like your pansy paintings! Beautiful darks, shapes and compositions.

    Thanks for the info about the canvas sheets. I'm going to give them a try.

  2. Vos pensées sont belles effectivement et j'aime aussi le bas de votre nappe...

  3. Love the composition of the pansies - that red floor, white curtain and glass of pansies. Very striking.