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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cyclamen 1

I have had these cyclamen sitting around for a while, thinking of painting them and scared witless because my man Freud did the definitive one, who could improve.... so because I could not face the stocks again, I had a go. Really fun after all. They are sort of fleshy. I also had a new creative mark brush (do not buy!) which the hairs all fell out of as I worked, infuriating, however it is a bristle filbert. It's always a shakeup when there is a material or tool change. I'm interested in getting the rhythm down of those leaves because that makes the whole plant interesting, not just those other worldly blossoms.


  1. I liked the greens of the leaves, even before I read your post. Also a great job of the cyclamen stems. They really are shades of red. I've been too s-s-s-scared to paint flowers yet!

  2. Just hurl yourself in there, Virginia -- you are coming along so well.
    You have to make your 10,000 mistakes anyway, so you might as well get them over with.