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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Abe Lincoln Sort of Smiling

Of course, it's Abraham Lincoln, who is sort of smiling instead of looking so stern, but I thought, why not let him smile? So I left him happy. This is for a painting challenge, to see what everyone else has done and they are wonderful and hilarious, click on and then click on challenges, scroll down.
The paintings below are Peggi Kroll Roberts exercises, still about changing black and white value paintings to color. I had some really fun painting today, I am starting to see it better. Also I am completely loving eliminating detail! But I do have to police myself because my inclination is to get it in there and I have bouts of confusion, such as, how am I going to reduce all that info to one mass? And then voila, it's no problem, you find the lowest common denominator and slap it down. Miraculously, the painting reads perfectly (I am not mistaking this for being a perfect painting). The best part, though, is that when I went to tackle Lincoln, which I was nervous about, it was much easier - as a matter of fact, it WAS easy to see the blocks of value that make up the planes of his craggy sweet face. Thank you, Peggi Kroll Roberts.


  1. WOW!! I have PKR dvds and have briefly looked at a couple, but haven't tried any of the exercises. You've inspired me (as always) to pull them out and work on them! :)

  2. Well done and you have inspired me also. I got to go through the PKR dvd's but have not gone through all the exercises and will do that asap! Really paying off and you should be proud. Do you have both sets?