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Monday, March 21, 2011

Radishes on Plaid Napkin

These radishes are on another thift store napkin, a large plaid. I have been in love with plaid for years, although wearing it makes a girl feel like a baby tractor. Painting it is a different story. I think Alice Neel does it about the best it can be done, sorry Lucien, because the plaid just comes alive and is so impertinent! I have a piece of pink and orange plaid in the studio that I haven't been able to paint well ever, and I am thinking this napkin will let me learn by degrees. This one is a very simple plaid, so that is helpful. Also, I used a different family of greens: pthalo blue, cad yellow light, cad red, white and sometimes a mixed black (ultra. blue and burnt umber). Sometimes those pthalo greens are so harsh and artificial looking, but it might have to do with the other dominant colors in the painting as well as other stuff I don't know yet.


  1. You always mix the best grays! Love this pattern too, and the way the fabric is positioned to make the most of those lines! Really nice :-)

  2. Really nice, Jean! Love the reds against the grays and the radiating pattern of the plaid. Good greens!

  3. wicked awesome!
    Another fabulous and transparent 'dark' mix is Ultramarine,burnt umber and alizarin. I also like the Thalo Green (or viridian) Ultramarine and Alizarin (or Rose Madder).