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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Radishes on Checked Dishtowel

Radishes still robust today and they really are this red. I bought them at Central Market, so they are very uptown vegetables. I also went to the thrift store yesterday scouting for patterned fabric and found some good napkins and dishtowels, and that always makes for an exciting painting session, when you have new things to paint. In this little series I want to use different families of green so I can learn 'em. These two so far have all been cad yellow mixed with black primarily, with other stuff added, ultra. blue, some cad red light. Working in a series is just so helpful! You get on friendly terms with the parts and can relax.


  1. Les radis sont pour moi de véritables bonbons que je croque tout le long de la journée à l'atelier...
    Je croquerais volontiers les tiens... Ils me mettent l'eau à la bouche...
    J'aime le contraste avec la nappe...
    Gros bisous.

  2. I love the radishes with the cloth underneath:D Really nice!

  3. Love that cloth and the mixtures you chose for the pattern. It looks great!

  4. Thanks so much, that bolsters a girl up!

  5. Jean, I think this is one of your best ever! The reds and green look lovely together, and I am enamored with your fabric! What a great job you did!

  6. How right you are!
    The checkered fabric is so well done and thanks for the tutorial on keeping the radishes 'dewy'. My hubby knows not to throw out anything that may be a prop in the fridge ;)
    Moisture IS everything!