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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wide Still Life

I feel like this is a bit of a breakthrough painting, even though there some questionable parts... It was great to play with the composition and to bend it to my will so to speak. I wanted to have a lot of space and a single unity of forms, and have it seem natural. And also, I wanted to use the pink as weight. Another thing I discovered, I am holding my brushes up close to the ferrule! I saw a great PBS documentary on the Taos painters, Victor Higgins and all those guys, and they were painting by holding their brushes almost at the ends. I knew this of course, but I didn't realize I had such a choke hold on my brushes. So today I backed way down the handle. It's a good thing I think, because you have to put the paint down differently, more of a smack and less distinct edge. Oh yes, and this painting is gigantic - 15 inches wide!


  1. Love the composition on this! I think you achieved your goals!

  2. Jean, great reminder on the brushes.... I too hold mine too tightly, and too close to the ferrule, like a pencil... no wonder my brushstrokes are tight.... thanks for the suggestion !!