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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ikea Bowls

I finally found a sheet of paper that is exactly the color I wanted, and it is under this set up:
a grey that is yellowish, but not brown and not red. I want to play with some color against this grey and see what I can do. It also has some big chunks of other stuff in in, gold foil and shreds of fiber sticking out, but it's crawl, walk, run in this rodeo. Also, I want to make things work abstractly using realistic forms, I find this idea so exciting....


  1. Colors...incredible. Love that new grey paper. Great setting against the brights. Like you smelt too!

  2. Fabulous! Really great color choices - ok, now i'm looking for grey paper... :-)

  3. Love all the colors against the grey. And I like that you spell it grey rather than gray. It's veddy British.

  4. Wow, this is beautiful. Wonderful composition, colors, sense of light.

  5. Love this still life composition and color. I went to your website and I have to say that your portraiture is wonderful...consider me a fan!