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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PKR Exercise, Sardine Can

Again, this Peggi Kroll Roberts exercise requires a value study in 3 values from the 10 swatch scale, but I let myself have 4 of them. Then in the second painting you match the color value to the grey value, hence the spots of color on the first painting. Detail is absent so you can just concentrate on the form's values. The result is not very glam, I know, but it's a really fun and exciting exercise! I wanted to have the ratio 1/3 light to 2/3 dark. I feel my perceptual tectonic plates shifting. I can see that this approach more easily produces a painting with all the relationships clearly established, and this gives it immediate clarity AS A WHOLE. Understanding this is a big leap, I think. For moi.


  1. Bien que j'ai une sainte horreur des sardines!!! je te félicite pour cet excellent travail ma chère... les deux interprétations me plaisent.