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Thursday, March 10, 2011

PKR Exercise, Bowls

This was a funny one -- I liked the value drawing painting better than the real painting, and I think primarily because the values in the top one are not dark enough to hold the painting together, and they DO hold it together in the grey one. Although I DID match my values pretty well.... I will give this another attempt tomorrow when I have fresh eyes.


  1. There you go again putting me to shame doing more PKR exercises! I also like the bottom one but I think while the top one is very good and correct, the bottom one you can just see the brushstrokes more and has a very graphic fresh different feel. Love that light blue bowl in the top with the brushwork and highlights.

  2. Wow! That value painting rocks! It is very dramatic. I agree that the color painting doesn't pack the same wallop, and I agree that it's the difference in values. The shadows have a deeper value, I think. Very interesting and valuable exercise, I think. Good job!