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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mexican Pastry

It was my intention to do this according to the rules of the DPW challenge, mixing fresh color for each brush stroke, but the pastry was so intricate that I soon fell off the wagon. I have been mixing color with the palette knife lately - big batches of the general color necessary - rather than mixing only with the brush. I think the color is better when mixed with the knife, then small adjustments are mixed with the brush from that batch. The color seems to retain its strength better, each application of it. Anyway, I guess this new idea blew out my organizational neurons on this exercise, so I'll have to try again. I do like the feel of the background though, laid in with a large brush and slight color variations.
This pastry is made with just pie crust with a colored bit in the middle. So innovative.

1 comment:

  1. Jean, looks good enough to eat ! gotta love pastry !- I've mixed color the way you've described, with the knife, and then adjusted it... I think it works well, too.