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Friday, March 11, 2011

Red Pansies

Today I did not do a value plan before painting, I spent some time after the drawing stage identifying similar values and blocking in the darkest ones with a wash. I did this one above quickly without too much trying to get it right. I also took one of the dvd covers that had a painting on it (Patricia Kroll Roberts) and smacked it down in front of the set up so I could refer to it. After I finished this one, I took a nap. Then I set up the second painting (top, above) and speedily dispatched it. I am becoming aware of lots of different things in this experience, things other than value patterns, such as how PKR gets that luminous color. I can see it is a combination of many things - for instance, when and where to use bright pure color and color very diluted with white. I am not familiar enough with it all yet, but I can see it from here.
Tomorrow I will have a little value demonstration for the amusement of my non artist friends and family.


  1. Your non-artist friends across the street are in awe of you.

  2. Well, thank you, I think, this might be a trick...