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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cowboy Up

This is my entry for January to the site Some Texas Artists Like to Paint. The challenge this month is: Cowboy Up. For my friends who do not live in Texas, this is a term that means, pull up your socks, get off your behind and do what must be done. I think that's what it means. To see everyone's entry, click here.


  1. LOVE this, Jean!! You are so creative! I'm still thinking about my submission (as usual!).

  2. I surely recognized your nose, Jean, and your colors are rich and diversified.Do really Texan men wear thoses hats?

  3. Great composition, Jean...BOLD! I love the division of the background space, too.

  4. Love the dimension in that seemingly white cowboy hat, Jean. I'm a fan of those, though I don't think they'd serve me too well here in Maine!

  5. J'adore le chapeau! ... Une belle cowboy!

  6. Cowboy Up is fabulous. I love the composition and the canvas size. Love it!