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Monday, January 24, 2011

Stocks and Pink Vase

I bought a small bunch of stock to put in my bedroom because their fragrance is so spicy and strong, so I have been scrutinizing these for a while. They are complicated with all their bunched petals and not much distinct blossom structure. This is my second go at them, the first was a wiper. The surprise was that the flowers were much less interesting to paint than the vase, which was so much fun, that yes.....I'm going to have to do a series so I can get it down. I might give myself a break with another flower though. This painting is after a Van Gogh - I will post the title tomorrow. I am interested in getting a field of color behind the flowers that is not just background, that has a life of its own.


  1. I like the entire painting and all the thick paint! You did a great job simplifying the flower petals and the vase is wonderful with it's translucency and thick/thin areas. I clicked to enlarge and it came up nice and large. Is there something you did in html that makes that happen? Mine go to another window but at same size.

  2. This one is fantastic! Great brushwork, and I love the stripes on the vase.

  3. This painting is perfect, love the thick paint, the suggestion of the flowers, and that vase is a killer!!